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Language Features vs. Usefulness and Understandability

Most modern programming languages have a ton of features, and some of the hottest languages are adding features at high rate in the hope […]

Top 10 Reasons Your Software Became Legacy

Software becoming legacy is a common problem. Developers often do not want to work on legacy systems, as it is often complicated, uses technologies […]

Industrial Case: Timeless automations in an ILS Localiser Simulator from 1980’s

The progsbase tooling and theory has been successfully used to convert about 13,000 lines of code from Turbo Basic to Java. After being converted, […]

Industrial Case: Replacing a Barcode Solution at Inkeria

Inkeria is a print company. They sell stickers used to mark clothes. This is often used to mark clothing where clothes gets mixed, such […]

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Analyze your code to verify timelessness. Code that passes the analysis is always valid code in the language it was written. Our analyzer gives helpful messages to guide you.


With your own ProgsBase repository you can store programs and libraries. Our repository uploader analyzes the code and runs the tests before accepting the code into the repository. Code in the repository is versioned. Our repository resolver downloads code from the repository to use in your project.

Repository Browser

Browse your repository with our repository browser. You can navigate your code and its dependencies. You can easily switch between the supported languages to see your code in your programming language of preference.

Online Tester

Test your program directly in the browser. ProgsBase supports JavaScript, so your program and its dependencies are downloaded when you browse your code. Use the online tester to give inputs and inspect outputs directly in your browser. The online tester generates input and output fields for instant testing.

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