Timeless Instruction Set

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all computational infrastructural arithmetic relational boolean control-flow block expression structural data conversion processing-unit disk clock screen processing-unit-controller keyboard audio

Mnemonic Name Arguments Type Categories
add Add x = a + b Computational arithmetic
sub Subtract x = a - b Computational arithmetic
mul Multiply x = a * b Computational arithmetic
div Divide x = a / b Computational arithmetic
pow Exponentiate x = a ^ b Computational arithmetic
mod Modulus x = a % b Computational arithmetic
max Maximum x = max(a, b) Computational arithmetic
min Minimum x = min(a, b) Computational arithmetic
neg Negate x = -a Computational arithmetic
pos Positive x = +a Computational arithmetic
sqrt Square Root x = sqrt(a) Computational arithmetic
rnd Round x = round(a) Computational arithmetic
flr Floor x = floor(a) Computational arithmetic
cil Ceil x = ceil(a) Computational arithmetic
tnc Truncate x = truncate(a) Computational arithmetic
abs Absolute x = abs(a) Computational arithmetic
log Logarithm x = log(a) Computational arithmetic
ln Natural Logarithm x = ln(a) Computational arithmetic
sin Sine x = sin(a) Computational arithmetic
cos Cosine x = cos(a) Computational arithmetic
tan Tangent x = tan(a) Computational arithmetic
asin Arc Sine x = asin(a) Computational arithmetic
acos Arc Cosine x = acos(a) Computational arithmetic
atan Arc Tangent x = atan(a) Computational arithmetic
exp Exponential x = exp(a) Computational arithmetic
eq Equals x = a = b Computational relational
neq Unequals x = a != b Computational relational
lt Less Than x = a < b Computational relational
lte Less Than or Equal x = a <= b Computational relational
gt Greater Than x = a > b Computational relational
gte Greater Than or Equal x = a >= b Computational relational
and And x = a & b Computational boolean
or Or x = a | b Computational boolean
not Not x = !a Computational boolean
if If if a { Computational control-flow block
else Else } else { Computational control-flow block
loop Loop loop { Computational control-flow block
init Begin Loop Initialization Block (block) Computational block
inc Begin Loop Increment Block (block) Computational block
call Call f(fss) Computational control-flow block
fnc Begin Function Block function f { Computational block
ret Return return a Computational control-flow block
bgs Begin Structure Block struct { Computational block
endb End Block } Computational block
par Parenthesis x = (a) Computational expression
mov Copy x = a Computational data
len Length x = a.length Computational structural
idr Read Array at Index x = a[b] Computational structural
idw Write Array at Index x[a] = b Computational structural
acw Write Accessed Structure x.a = b Computational structural
acr Read Accessed Structure x = a.b Computational structural
cvt Convert x = (type)a Computational conversion
new Allocate Structure x = new S Computational data
nwa Allocate Primitive Array x = new type[b] Computational data
nsa Allocate Structure Array x = new S[a] Computational data
del Deallocate Structure delete a Computational data
dla Deallocate Array delete [] a Computational data
num Number Entry number a Computational structure
bl Boolean Entry boolean a Computational structure
chr Character Entry char a Computational structure
str Structure Entry S a Computational structure
nma Number Array Entry number [] a Computational structure
bla Boolean Array Entry boolean [] a Computational structure
cha Character Array Entry char [] a Computational structure
sta Structure Array Entry S [] a Computational structure
pcl Call Processing Unit res = Call(dev, req) Infrastructural processing-unit
snd Send to Processing Unit Send(dev, data) Infrastructural processing-unit
rcv Receive from Processing Unit data = Receive(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
chk Check x = Check(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
chs Check Send x, y = CheckSend(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
srv-snd Server Send ServerSend(dev, data) Infrastructural processing-unit
srv-rcv Server Receive data = ServerReceive(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
srv-chk Server Check x = ServerCheck(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
srv-chs Server Check Send x, y = ServerCheckSend(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit
dsp Get Disk Entry Specifications e, s = DiskSpecs(dev) Infrastructural disk
drd Read Disk Entry x, data = ReadDisk(dev, n) Infrastructural disk
dwr Write Disk Entry x = WriteDisk(dev, n, data) Infrastructural disk
csp Get Clock Resolution and Range res, range = ClockSpecs(dev) Infrastructural clock
ctm Get Current Time x = Time(dev, res) Infrastructural clock
spc Get Screen Specifications w, h, d = ScreenSpecs(dev) Infrastructural screen
sdsp Display Image Display(dev, img) Infrastructural screen
syn Synchronize Image Sync(dev) Infrastructural screen
psp Get Processing Unit Controller Specifications pus, progs = PUSpecs(dev) Infrastructural processing-unit-controller
psta Start Processing Unit Start(dev, n) Infrastructural processing-unit-controller
pstp Stop Processing Unit Stop(dev, n) Infrastructural processing-unit-controller
pse Set Program x = Execute(dev, n, p) Infrastructural processing-unit-controller
pex Was Exception x = Exception(dev, n) Infrastructural processing-unit-controller
ksp Get Keyboard Specifications characters, ctrlkeys, maxhistory = KBSpecs(dev) Infrastructural keyboard
kst Get Keyboard State keys, state, length = Keys(dev) Infrastructural keyboard
asp Get Audio Specifications dens, mindelay = AudioSpecs(dev) Infrastructural audio
acd Get Current Delay x = AudioDelay(dev) Infrastructural audio
aws Write Audio Samples x = WriteAudio(dev, samples) Infrastructural audio
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