The progspase community plan gives you or your developers access to the tools needed to utilize progsbase for open source software.

A developer uses the command line tool for access to analysis, conversion, importing dependencies and uploading programs. Programs can be stored publicly in the online repository, which supports browsing, converting and testing.

The progspase business plan gives access to private repositories where code can be uploaded with any custom license and the code is managed fully by the business.

Both plans also give access to documentation and support libraries.

Community Plan

  • Analyzer – Java
  • Converter – TypeScript, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Swift, LibreOffice Basic, Ruby and Visual Basic for Applications
  • Documentation
  • Repository Browser
  • Test in Browser
  • Upload to repository
  • Dependency Resolver
  • Command Line Tool – Analyzer, Converter, Dependency Resolver, Uploader
  • Support Libraries – Java
  • Uploaded software under MIT lisence
  • Uploaded final versions cannot be withdrawn (it might have been reused)


Business Plan

  • Everything in community plan
  • Private Repositories with custom licenses and withdrawal possibilities

$65/month per developer