Progsbase Instruction Set - Screen Instructions

  • Computational instructions always give the same output for the same input, and they have no other effects.
  • Infrastructural instructions give different (or no) output for the same input (if any), and they cause outside effects.
    • Each infrastructural instruction comes in four asynchronous variants: snd, rcv, srv snd and srv rcv.
  • Read the full story behind the instruction set in Foundations of Computer Science.


all computational infrastructural arithmetic relational boolean control-flow block expression structural data conversion processing-unit disk clock screen processing-unit-controller keyboard audio

Mnemonic Name Arguments Type Categories
spc Get Screen Specifications screenspecs(dev, w, h, d) Infrastructural screen
sdsp Display Image display(dev, img) Infrastructural screen
syn Synchronize Image sync(dev) Infrastructural screen
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