Data Structure Type

A data structure is a type where several variables are grouped together. They are grouped together because they belong together.


  • Name - The name of the data structure type.
  • List of variables - The list of variables.


The data structure type name is an identifier. This identifier can later be used to create variables of the data structure type.

List of variables

The list of variables is simply a list of variables that can be accessed and used when a variable has a data structure type.

For more information on variables, see variables.

Member access

The member variables of a structure variable can be accessed using the statural member access operator that is documented as a statural operator.


The size of a variable that has a data structure type is at least as large as the sum of its variables, and should not be drastically larger.

Technical layout

Members can be accessed by name, apart from that, there are no constraints on the technical layout.

Special Limitations

  • Cannot be empty. This will most likely be fixed in a future version.
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